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It's difficult for new crypto currencies to find new users to accept and download their crypto coin wallets to operate nodes on their crypto coin network. As well as captivate those users to join their social media accounts such as Twitter, Telegram, or Discord. We have created a platform where users and project developers can coexist and benefit from each other through social media interaction and airdrops in a seamless way.

Castle is proud to announce that Castle holders will receive multiple coins and tokens, via upcoming snapshots, for the benefit of the Castle Community. This will be through the two products that have launched from Castle:

  • Axioms: The automated airdrop, interactive platform with future, utility erc20 token -

  • Crypto Incubator: A launchpad for crypto innovators -

Crytpo Incubator

Blockchain Innovators

Crypto Enthusiasts and Coin Holders

Have an idea you want to launch into your very own blockchain coin? Castle has created and partnered with Crypto Incubator. For a limited time, launch your own coin and help kick start your project for free!
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Want to get involved and learn more? Join the community and come chat with the developers. Join the Crypto Incubator Discord and Telegram. You'll also get coins of each project signed up by Crypto Incubator for the initial launch just by holding Castle coin in your wallet through the upcoming snapshot. You can buy Castle coin directly here:


Chase Your Dream

CASTLE Open Source Incentivization.

At CASTLE, we do all of our work open source and transparent via our Github. We have plenty of things to work on and are always looking for professional who want to team up and earn CASTLE rewards for their contributions. If you are interested, please sign up below and we will process your application! Looking forward to working with you!

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NEW Wallet Downloads

Please select a platform to safely store your Castle coins.

The below wallets are for the Masternode Castle Chain beginning November, 11th, 2018:




If you need the former, x11 Castle chain, the sourcecode is available here:
x11 Castle
PROCEED WITH CAUTION that are you using the correct wallet* with the correct chain for the coin you wish to store. Former chain x11 Castle wallet releases are here:
x11 Castle wallets

*If you lose your coins from using the wrong wallet, no one will be able to reimburse you.

Exchanges Trade

Current listing of exchanges for Castle Coin (CSTL).

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